Rolfes provides total industrial water management solutions, including specialised water purification solutions and products to the industrial, mining, home and personal care markets. The manufacture and distribution of pure beneficiated silica to the mining, metallurgical, fertiliser, water filtration and construction industries.

What we do

Our technical expertise and total water management approach integrates the latest in chemical and engineering solutions, to offer complete asset protection.
Offer a wide range of boiler water treatment chemistries which can be tailor-made to suit any industrial application including those with food grade requirements.
Complete range coagulants and flocculants for potable and effluent water and engineered solutions for all types of effluent. Capability to provide effluent quality in line with required standards.
Complete range of engineering services and has strategic equipment partners aligned to provide full design, service and repair capabilities.
Cooling Water programmes structured to provide complete asset protection for all types of water found on the African continent.

Andre Opperman

Andre Opperman

Managing director

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Rolfes Water is well positioned to offer water treatment solutions backed by our technology partners Solenis and Helamin.

Product Categories

Total water and risk management
Boiler water treatment
Influent and effluent
Engineering services
Cooling water treatment