Our impact

As a people-centric business driven by transparency, integrity and honesty, Rolfes has evolved and grown as a culture-rich and diverse team driving forward the organisation as one of the most agile and innovative in its collective industries.

Over the period, the group has embarked on several key initiatives with a focus on the development of its people. The group is committed to creating growth opportunities for its employees that have shown commitment and dedication through tough and uncertain times.


Through adopting a consultative approach, the unique and powerful culture of the group has been restored and improved. Both management and employees are able to raise their concerns and have these addressed in a fair, confidential and impartial manner. The group’s culture has also been endorsed by team building events, which aim to reward employees for their efforts. As much as the group encourages team work, we are also very competitive by nature. This is evident throughout initiatives such as the biggest loser competition, which the employees used as motivation to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles. A spirit of generosity was also displayed by the employees when they collaborated to collect and donate blankets to about eight NGOs. This was supported by the group too.


The group pension fund was officially launched in July 2018. This is a key group initiative and will assist Rolfes to improve its staff retention.


ICAS is the health and wellness programme that aims to drive the notion of wellness in a holistic and proactive approach through legal, psychosocial and financial support. Every employee and their dependants have access to legal advisers, psychologists and social workers, as well as financial advisers through the ICAS line in all 11 official languages and is available 24/7. Every month reading material on maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle is also distributed to all employees.


The employee self-service portal was launched in April 2018. Through this service, employees are able access payslips, apply for leave, view leave balances and access tax certificates. The service is quick and efficient and reduces administration across the group.


The group views transformation as a business imperative and has taken steps to ensure that it makes significant progress towards improvement. Senior management attended a BBBEE workshop which was facilitated by the member of board, chairperson of the social and ethics committee, Ms Seapei Mafoyane. In addition to this, during the recruitment and selection process, employment equity targets are always taken into account to ensure that the company achieves a diverse and equitable workforce. All subsidiaries have an employment equity committee, which represents the greater workforce and meets quarterly to discuss training and development, give their input on the EE reporting process and raise any issues or difficulties they may be experiencing within the company. All committee members are trained on what is expected of them.


Development is an integral part of the group as the company continues to employ interns and in-service trainees. Training has also increased based on the following courses that took place:

  • HIV/Aids awareness workshops, providing all employees with an opportunity to get tested
  • IR training for managers
  • Debt management
  • Employment equity training for all committee members
  • Payslip awareness workshops.

Additional courses such as sexual harassment and financial planning workshops will be held in all subsidiaries and the branches outside Gauteng.


All new employees undergo an induction on their first day of employment. This is an opportunity to become better acquainted with the company policies and procedures.


All medical entries and exits are done for all our employees.


Rolfes News is the company’s newsletter, which is distributed electronically and in hardcopy to all employees on a quarterly basis. The newsletter is used as a platform to update and celebrate the Rolfes community. It is the group’s way of noting how the company has progressed as a company and documents the growth and celebrates the talent and potential for greatness that is possessed by all who are employed at Rolfes.