Addressing the need for food security, water treatment and manufacturing demand, Rolfes caters for this ever-increasing necessity.

What we do

Premium additive and ingredient supplier
The group imports and locally manufactures chemical commodities to the food and beverage, bakery, dairy, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.
of revenue generated from importing raw materials in bulk and distributing to large food manufacturers.

Paul Oliaro

Nathan Bevis

Managing director

Business within the Rolfes Group

Bragan Chemicals website

Bragan Chemicals (Pty) Ltd

Bragan Chemicals is a major supplier of raw materials in South Africa and carry an extensive range of products to meet all our customer’s requirements.

Bragan Chemicals import a wide variety of ingredients used in the food, beverage, bakery, dairy, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as raw materials for use in the industrial and agricultural market. With warehousing and distribution branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, we are able to service all our customers Nationally. Proudly all our branches are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Bragan Chemicals is a subsidiary company of the Rolfes Group and we are BBBEE compliant.

Product Categories

Bulk importation and distribution of additives.
Ingredients and chemicals with a major focus on food manufacturing sector
Ingredients and chemicals for personal care products.
Ingredients and chemicals for industrial products.
Ingredients and chemicals for animal feed.