Strategic objectives

Rolfes Group has a strategic objective to strengthen, build and grow  as a leading innovative and agile solutions-based chemical solutions provider.

To be of value and to be perceived to add value is what strategically drives the business to establish itself as a partner of choice in the industry.

Strengthen operational base across the group
Maximise and build on current client potential across all group companies
Extend solution focused offerings across all industries
Develop and grow strong base of bluechip suppliers
Continue to position Rolfes as trusted and market-leading brands
Extend and grow regional businesses across South Africa
Maximise skills within management team and the new operational structure
Expand commodities product base across multiple product lines
Further investment into brand marketing and communications
Re-establish a distributor supply chain to service Africa
Innovate and launch new products within all group companies
Reassessment of consulting service utilised for administration tasks